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PCB chip assembly

LED board PCB fabrication Assembly PCBA

PCBA for SMD LEDs and Lighting Products

PCBA for LED Lighting product assembly pcb fabrication

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

PCBA for wireless charger and Transmitter Module OEM service

PCB assebly for Portable Power Supply and power bank PCBA

Electronic Board Manufacturer PCB prototype for Power Supply

LED PCB for lighting

Services for customized Multi-layer PCB and PCB Prototypes

About Us

Oriental FastAssembly Ltd. Is a PCBA manufacturer founded in year 2001, locating in Bantian Longgang District, specializing in turnkey solution including electronics design, PCB fabrication, SMT and PCB assembly, Components sourcing, molding, metals and plastics, cables & final assembly, logistics and other value-added services etc.

Oriental FastAssembly Ltd. Now covers an area of 1800 square meters and has more than 80 employees. We've provide Electronic Contract Manufacturing service for products of Industrial Control, Consumer Electronics, LED/Lightning, Energy and Game Devices. Our factory is ISO9001 qualified. We have cooperated with clients around China for a long time. At the same time, our business has been expanded to Asia, Europe and America since 2005.