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different shape PCB

manufacturers can use fixtures or panels to comfy or frame fragile, thin, or oddly fashioned PCBs. this text covers these methods for allowing such boards to readily fit into the typical assembly or inspection machines.

Processing irregular and fragile PCBs in general assembly machines is commonly a challenge. due to their non-usual dimensions, the oddly formed, skinny, or fragile boards do not fit correctly within the reflow, part placement, or different usual processing machines. Lack of adequate help and alignment may additionally pressure, bend or hurt the fragile boards as they go in the course of the processing device. furthermore, this may additionally affect the accuracy of the manner.

to beat these challenges, engineers may additionally use SMT fixtures or the panelization strategies. each and every of the two strategies gives a service with commonplace dimensions and provisions for fitting, securing and supporting the irregular boards.

SMT Fixtures for Irregular and Fragile PCBs

SMT fixtures are inflexible PCB carriers that permit manufacturers to load single or diverse irregular boards, after which take them through the usual processing machines. This makes it viable to carry out tasks equivalent to automatic mounting of electronic accessories, infra-crimson reflow soldering, wave soldering, automatic trying out, and so forth.

The fixtures are constantly accessible in loads of designs, substances, sizes, and thicknesses. Some can raise a couple of board therefore permitting the processing of distinctive PCBs simultaneously. different designs have adjustments to help each the primary and secondary facet techniques.

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