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SMT Control Board

announced in 2005, the Thinky Solder Paste Mixer SR-500 is a distinctive mixer for solder paste. Taking the refrigerated container of solder paste and then surroundings it in Thinky Solder Paste Mixer SR-500, clients can push the start button. Then, inside just a few minutes, the desktop will optimize the state of the solder paste.

The birth of the Story: Solder Paste used in Thinky products

at the start of the Nineteen Nineties, Thinky offered and manufactured measuring gadgets as well as mixers for alginic acid. Solder paste (cream solder) is a cloth Thinky is frequent with because of the reality it has been used greatly for SMT (floor mounting technology) boards, which constitute the make-up of measuring devices.

Solder paste is a really gentle fabric since it is sensitive to alterations in temperature and is subject to fast oxidization at excessive temperatures. therefore, it is typically bought frozen and requires refrigeration unless it's capable for use. When solder paste has simply been removed from the refrigerator, it's always bloodless and hard. It need to then be introduced up to room temperature so it can be put to use, a system that takes round two hours. up to now, a worker changed into assigned to reach at work two hours early to remove the solder paste out of the refrigerator - you might name this a procedure bottleneck.

in the future, an employee placed the solder paste into the business's mixer for alginic acid, making an attempt to combine it. all of sudden, a manner that had always taken greater than two hours changed into achieved in exactly a few minutes. There changed into a shared awareness that this can be of functional use, and so began the development of mixers for solder paste.

all over this time, Thinky became transitioning from the use of leaded solder to the greater costly lead-free solder as environmental concerns had been being addressed. This ended in the invention that identical outcomes might also be bought in a short time for the lead-free solder. This modified the preconceptions of the industry that two hours are required before kneading, which became very neatly obtained at exhibitions. hence, at Thinky, this put an end to the need for a designated employee to reach two hours early to deliver the solder paste as much as room temperature.

Relationship Between SMT and Solder Paste

The printing system is probably the most critical and difficult a part of the SMT process. Printing low-high-quality solder paste instantly results in the board failing. The control of temperature, stirring and deaeration, in addition to viscosity of solder paste, are decisive and important factors in decreasing defects in the SMT technique.

Temperature handle and Condensation

Solder paste is a mix of solder and flux, which is constantly saved in a refrigerator to dispose of a chemical reaction (certainly oxidation) between the solder and the flux.

Oxidation of the solder paste decreases the endeavor of the flux, inflicting decay within the solderability (solder wettability). hence, the manner of guaranteeing a standard temperature (room temperature) earlier than use is of maximum value. If any insufficiencies arise right through the manner of restoring the paste to room temperature, such because the lid being opened while the solder paste is less warm than room temperature, condensation may also form on the solder paste. This publicity to moisture may cause scattering of solder balls later within the reflow method.

With the SR-500, solder paste in a commercial container can be instantly processed after being removed from the refrigerator. therefore, a process that up to now took about two hours, including bringing the paste to room temperature, can also be completed in around ten minutes, which includes the dispersion of the paste. additionally, opening the lid of the container isn't required all through this manner, which eliminates any condensation.


Solder paste is a heavy and dense cloth. This makes hand kneading an arduous and time-drinking task, with alterations occurring between people that at once have an effect on the finish. therefore, the need for a talented spatula blender to make certain a consistent fine of the solder paste when mixing by hand.

With its potent and controlled stirring, the SR-500 makes it straightforward for any one to duplicate the requisite conditions for solder paste. Stabilizing the circumstance of the solder paste achieves standardization of the printing of circuit boards.

When refrigerated for a number of weeks, the viscosity of the solder paste inside a container may also turn into variable. this is as a result of over time solder particles with excessive certain gravity drop to the bottom of the container. therefore, the solder paste may still be totally stirred from the properly to the bottom of the container so that the paste viscosity is consistent when getting used. The Thinky Mixer is most appropriate for this method because of its capacity to mix particularly viscous material stably and consistently.

problems akin to lacking solder, solder wetting, and solder sagging are sometimes all the way down to the viscosity of the solder paste, making this a vital factor to control. Deficiencies equivalent to lacking solder and solder wetting may cause chipping (big apple phenomenon) and call failure. When reveal printing, if there is an increase of viscosity within the solder paste, a part of the paste may additionally follow the metallic mask (printing plate) or ‘horns’ might also seem on the solder printed on the board. If the viscosity is too low, distortions reminiscent of sagging within the form are prone to turn up after printing.

by using the SR-500 to mix and stir the solder paste uniformly, squeegee move turns into easy, cutting back the possibility of clogging the metallic mask.

Stirring and Deaeration

The formation of solder balls and bridge failure is often brought about by means of an excess of moisture and air bubbles in the solder paste. The stirring know-how of the SR-500 eliminates bubbles and voids that cause solder balls. combined with the prevention of condensation and the absence of any excess moisture, the deaeration of the solder paste whereas stirring ends up in a reduction in bridge failure.

therefore, on account of the impact of centrifugal force as a result of the revolution by using Thinky’s Mixer SR-500, gentle air bubbles movement upwards and deaeration happens. Heavy cloth is simultaneously drawn to the backside of the container, fending off the adhesion of solder paste onto the interior surface of the lid. consequently, this additionally prevents any lack of paste.

Evolution of SR-500 as a computer committed to Solder Paste

The SR-500’s predecessor had the issue that the temperature of the paste improved with continuous excessive-velocity stirring. The newest SR-500 model performs stirring in two steps to stay away from the solder paste from expanding above the standard temperature. To obtain this, step one sees the temperature improved through excessive-velocity rotation and then the dispersion is maintained through low-velocity rotation, preserving the paste at room temperature.

additionally, the user has the choice to amend the rotation pace as well as set the operation time on a second-with the aid of-second groundwork, as influenced by the category and prerequisites of solder paste. Thinky’s SR-500 additionally has a memory function that effortlessly makes it possible for the user to listing frequently used recipes.

For bigger Work efficiency, better Reproducibility and Standardization

The innovation of Thinky’s Solder Paste Mixer SR-500 become the outcomes of a chance trial performed for enjoyable, but it has become a product that has supplied a lot of solutions about the problems of solder paste.

The magnitude of managing the first-rate of solder paste is expected to enhance sooner or later because of the leaning vogue toward the miniaturization of chips and other items in the surface mounting industry.

As prior to now mentioned, within the hand kneading of solder paste, the adjustment of viscosity and dispersion is inefficient and requires a excessive degree of technical ability. also, the alterations from one professional technician to a further can also tremendously affect the product satisfactory. practically any one can with no trouble prepare solder paste in precisely ten minutes by means of effectively taking a container of solder paste out from the refrigerator, putting it in an SR-500, after which urgent a button. The SR-500 can upward push to the challenge of the sudden extended need for additional solder and has remarkable reproducibility of the quality.

The popularity of the SR-500 is one in every of few failures. Many consumers had been the use of it over a decade. We hope that the SR-500 will journey persevered utilization via those dealing with problems regarding solder paste and involved within the evolution of mounting technology.

believe free to request a trial use of SR-500 in case you are interested in reducing the labor-intensive method of hand kneading as well as eliminating the need for a worker to are available early.

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not obligatory objects

● Adapters for Containers of quite a lot of Solder producers

Made in Japan, the adapter 250AD-201 is supplied for a common container of 500 g solder paste. appropriate adapters for containers made by way of other producers are additionally available. (Contact us for particular orders.)

● Adapter for Syringes

The not obligatory syringe adapter allows commercially available syringes to be attached at once to the SR-500 which facilitates quick re-dispersion and deaeration. Air leakage (blank firing) will also be prevented by using a syringe after deaeration. besides solder paste, the adapter may also even be used for deaeration chip bond.

● ARC-40H (manual syringe filling machine)

substances reminiscent of solder paste and chip bond, blended the usage of SR-500 or other Thinky mixers, will also be loaded into syringes by the customer. up to four syringes can also be loaded simultaneously.

● multiple Sensor (SR-500 will be supported in the future)

actual temperature control is manageable because the temperature of the material within the mixer can be monitored in precise-time during stirring.

This counsel has been sourced, reviewed and tailored from materials provided by using Thinky service provider.

For greater information on this source, please seek advice from Thinky company.

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