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regardless of the difficulty of updating the firmware in modules like the ESP-01, the ESP8266 microcontroller with built-in Wi-Fi has develop into extremely regularly occurring amongst digital designers. Now, because of greater counsel and stronger tools, the flashing system is tremendously more convenient, and SDK provides new capabilities.


The success of the ESP8266 from Espressif systems is undeniable. it's a powerful microcontroller with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities and is effortlessly adaptable to a mess of makes use of within the swiftly transforming into IoT (internet of things). one of the vital few difficulties to the usage of the IC has been updating the firmware within the hundreds and lots of construction modules that have permeated the market. Judging by the massive number of comments posted, this article on All About Circuits has been a support to many. however, the passage of time has published some corrections and improvements needed within the counsel that was provided in October of 2015, and presenting that information is the aim of this article.

in particular, the following improvements will be addressed:

  • an improved flashing circuit
  • an easier-to-use terminal software
  • a revised Flash download device
  • up to date SDK ESP8266 firmware
  • Taken together, and supported through superior documentation from Espressif, these adjustments will streamline the firmware flashing technique, and raise the ESP8266's usability to both hobbyists and knowledgeable designers.

    As a word, this text is a successor to a previous edition that turned into posted in October of 2015. You may also wish to peruse that article for some profitable heritage suggestions.

    The Flashing Circuit

    An enhanced flashing circuit for the ESP-01 module is shown in the following schematic diagram; a couple of alterations had been made to the normal design:

  • The power isn't any longer taken from the USB-to-TTL converter. Some converters do not give enough existing to accurately pressure the ESP8266, certainly when it's in the Wi-Fi transmitting mode. A separate, well-filtered and controlled deliver capable of supplying as a minimum 500mA should still be used.
  • Capacitors C1 and C2 were introduced to deliver noise reduction on the vigour bus. They may still be discovered as close as feasible to the Gnd and Vcc pins on the ESP8266.
  • R2 and R3 are pullup resistors that were added to make certain that the GPIO2 and GPIO0 pins on the ESP8266 are not ever allowed to float.
  • These alterations don't indicate that the fashioned flashing circuit became nonfunctional; the fact is that it did work for the writer and for many other users. besides the fact that children, its shortcomings were such that the circuit could and did fail for some users at the least one of the most time. These failures could have been as a result of alterations in environmental factors, power deliver nice, and/or element tolerances. The more desirable circuit should eliminate these weaknesses.

      ESP Flash download tools  

    utility development kit of this writing, the latest available version of the ESP8266 utility building kit is edition which became launched in July of 2016. whereas very nearly nothing is certain in firmware development, one could conclude that is the ultimate edition that will be launched. At any price, it seems to be a reliable edition and may be used in this article. it is available free to down load from Espressif, but to keep the readers some situation, it's also accessible here by clicking the button under.

      ESP software development equipment  

    ESP8266 Documentation

    As is frequently spoke of, "When all else fails, read the directions," and to that conclusion, Espressif has an astonishing collection of documents pertaining to the ESP8266. there is little doubt that the solutions to many questions are contained of their pages. Three of the files used most commonly via the writer are ESP8266 brief birth e-book, version ESP8266 SDK Getting started book, version and ESP AT guide Set, edition These three, along with a number of others, are blanketed within the zip file attainable for down load by means of the button beneath. be aware that extra files and greater current documents could be available on the Espressif web page.

      ESP8266 Technical documents  

    Bits and Bytes Recollected

    The amount of EEPROM on an ESP8266 module (such as the ESP-01) is a really critical element within the actual flashing system this is to be used. That EEPROM quantity can also be expressed in plenty of different units of dimension, and the instruments used differ from vicinity to region within the documentation, which will also be complicated. The bullet aspects and the desk below are protected as a ready reference to cut the litter.

  • The abbreviation for bit is b, and the abbreviation for byte is B.
  • There are eight bits (b) in a single byte (B).
  • The abbreviation for kilobit is Kb, and the abbreviation for kilobyte is KB. Likewise, megabit is abbreviated Mb, and megabyte is abbreviated MB, etc.
  • or not it's also respectable to be aware that the majority (maybe all) ESP-01 modules built on black PCBs have 1 MB of EEPROM.
  • term

    Byte (B) Kilobyte (KB) Megabyte (MB) Gigabyte (GB) Terabyte (TB) variety of Bytes 1 1,024 1,048,576 1,073,741,824 1,099,511,627,776 The Flashing ProcessReading out of your ESP-01 Module

    deploy the ESP-01 module in the flashing circuit, join the USB-to-TTL converter to a USB port to your notebook, and energy up the circuit with delivery edition of the Flash down load device, and you may still see the startup screens as proven beneath. The returned window is the place an entire exercise log for the down load tool is recorded. The appropriate window is a device preference window; because you are working with an ESP8266 module, click on the ESP8266 down load device button.

  • The download tool decided the crystal velocity to be 26MHz.
  • The download device read the MAC addresses for your ESP-01 module in both the AP (entry element) mode and within the STA (Station) mode, and entered them in down load Panel 1. (word that the MAC addresses in your ESP-01 module should be distinct from the addresses proven above; record the MAC addresses of your module for future reference.)
  • Writing to Your ESP-01 Module

    ultimately, you are able to select and write the brand new firmware to your module. Set SpiFlashConfig as follows:

  • opt for CrystalFreq as 26M.
  • click the SPI speed radio button for 40MHz.
  • click on the SPI MODE radio button for QIO.
  • click on the FLASH measurement radio button for 8Mbit.
  • select the binary information to be downloaded from their storage places as shown in the desk below. (The info listed beneath are contained within the ESP8266 SDK folder that you simply dowloaded and stored in your workstation.)

    Binary File nameBinary File region ESP-01 Flash handle ...\esp8266_nonos_sdk_ 0xFB000 esp_init_data_ ...\esp8266_nonos_sdk_ 0xFC000 ...\esp8266_nonos_sdk_ 0x7E000 ...\esp8266_nonos_sdk_ 0xFE000 boot_ ...\esp8266_nonos_sdk_ 0x00000 ...\esp8266_nonos_sdk_ 0x01000

    A. click to region a check in the first (top left) check box under down load course Config; the entire records entry line will turn pink as shown beneath.

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