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SMT Control Board
Date introduced: 16 can also 2011

surface Mount ideas (SMT) has introduced a few thermal grease printing machines that accommodate higher, abnormal shaped substrates such because the heat sinks present in LED lights.

The picture indicates two distinctive heat sinks with thermal grease applied using SMT’s automatic printers. The photograph illustrates using a .004-inch thick display (left), a stencil (appropriate).

When discussing LED lighting fixtures, particularly concentrated heat sources include the territory. The latest LED lighting fixtures designs require a good deal greater heat dissipation. heat sink designs are totally integrated and a whole lot greater advanced. Thermal Interface cloth (TIM) suppliers have met trade calls for with better performance thermally conductive substances. among a number of TIM offerings, thermal grease can supply the bottom thermal resistance on the junction between the heat source and warmth sink. youngsters, this junction can still be the vulnerable link in a thermal path. If the grease isn't applied effectively heat is trapped at the supply and disasters ensue. When applied appropriately an outstanding thermally conductive direction is created for improved heat dissipation. The thermal grease can be utilized to the substrate of the heat-source or the substrate of the warmth sink.

When applying thermal grease to the substrate, warmth sink designers desire greater procedure control. producers desire the same, as well as larger construction prices. What’s crucial is the accuracy and repeatability of computerized stencil printers akin to these used to observe solder paste on Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). These stencil/screen print machines manage the squeegee pace and pressure to apply a consistent thickness of paste (grease) in exact locations.

youngsters printing thermal grease is corresponding to printing solder paste, applying grease to a densely populated LED board or the heat sink itself gifts definite challenges. bare PCBs are lightweight and usually .062-inches thick compared to heat sinks that are significant (up to inches thick), cumbersome and heavy. The heat sink might also not have a single aircraft and/or it can have obstructions protruding above the print surface where grease needs to be utilized.

SMT has added a few thermal grease printing machines that accommodate bigger, ordinary formed substrates such as the heat sinks present in LED lights The machines present the equal pace, precision, and repeatability discovered on SMT’s solder paste printers. The 1616TC and 1616TCS printers are tabletop machines used for R&D or production. The 1616TC is a standard clamshell fashion printer. for warmth sinks that are too cumbersome to handle the 1616TCS contains a shuttle mechanism to prolong the tooling plate from under the display/stencil. This allows for less complicated loading/unloading of the warmth sink.

Engineers use the 1616TC for printing on prototype warmth sinks. software of the grease is held consistent to insure verify facts isn't contaminated by way of inconsistencies resulting from manual operations. When the correct method will depend on engineering the correct computer parameters are without difficulty transferred to production.

The 2220TC is a creation computer with many alternatives available reminiscent of computerized imaginative and prescient alignment and put up-print imaginative and prescient inspection. The 2220TC has a huge work area obtainable from three sides of the laptop for further pre or publish-print automation including customized dealing with (load/dump) and custom meeting (opt for & location robotics). SMT also provides engineering counsel as required for custom tooling to register and secure odd formed substrates right through the print system.

In conclusion, LED lights manufacturers benefit from the usage of confirmed, cost-efficient stencil/screen print know-how. They recognise superior control of their technique and higher construction costs.

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