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What makes kien so interesting?

One might argue that it’s the utility and hardware that give our sound device its intelligence. Others might say that its design makes kien stand out.

while these statements may each be genuine, we can all agree that the audio drivers are one, if not probably the most simple constituents of a sound gadget. after all, without its drivers, our speaker equipment would make no sound, and we’d be left with a gorgeous, sensible, but completely silent machine :)

So let’s talk concerning the drivers. The drivers used in our equipment are all customized made. What that ability is that every driver (subwoofer, midrange, and tweeter) were designed to fit the shape, volume, and acoustic necessities of the Subwoofer and satellite tv for pc.

every and every driver is validated on the production line, to make sure a constant sound best coming from every speaker. here's carried out right here manner: first, a pattern of each driver which is taken as a reference. These 3 drivers are the so-known as golden samples. Then each and every driver’s audio qualities are validated and compared to the traits of their respective golden sample. If a driver is inside an acceptable tolerance, then it’s permitted and can be put into a product. If not, it’s again to the driver service provider.

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