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Customized smt assembly
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The enterprise is investing about USD eleven million into the project and expects a move-in date of mid-2020. In a corporation press liberate, Managing Director Dr. Patrick Pertsch mentioned, "This constructing is an expression of our joint success right here at PI Ceramic. i'm excited for us to fill it with ideas, subtle piezoceramic items, and most of all, options that meet the demands of our consumers.” PI Ceramic specializes in average and customised piezo transducers for functions together with medical, semiconductor, microscopy, aerospace, and robotics. PIC’s patented ceramic-insulated multilayer PZT actuators are used on the Mars Rover Curiosity after passing a one hundred billion cycle stress check by way of JPL/NASA. PI Ceramic presently employs about 330 individuals, with extra locations in San Francisco and l. a..

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