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SD card PCB Assembly


Tearing down the My Passport Digital SSD was somewhat problematic because it is constructed so neatly.  unless you actually push a knife into the appropriate edge, this could just about fool you that it turned into a single piece meeting. Taking an in depth seem to be on the backside, we noticed a line working alongside the backyard edge.  From there, we had been in a position to pry a corner just a bit of with out damage, at which era three clips on the accurate and two clips on the bottom let go of the bottom.

during this photograph we are able to see the properly which still includes the 6700mAh battery (which is the heaviest a part of this design BTW), the main PCB with the SATA three connector, the SSD itself, and the base cowl.

here's basically the bottom of the PCB however we are able to see the SD card slot, USB micro-B slot, USB SAT 3 SSD connector as smartly because the battery connector just under that.

On the correct of the PCB, we will see the big black ic which is a Realtek RT1195PN CPU in accordance with 2 Cortex A7 cores and a Mali-400mpz CPU.  Beside it to the right is a NANYA 256mb cache chip and under to the left is the ARM STM32F030 32-bit MCU.

The SSD is a Sandisk X600 SAT three SSD which definitely surprised us as we had been hoping we may discover a SSD internal.  This SSD carries a marvel 88SS1074 4-channel SATA 3 controller, a Micron DRAM cache chip and eight modules of Sandisk (Western Digital now) 3D NAND flash reminiscence, each with a uncooked storage cost of 256GB for a last 2TB means. pressure identification turned into accomplished through Crystal Disk data which evidently identifies the force and capacity, as well because the proven fact that the interface is USB.

This SSD would deliver up to 560MB/read and 530MB/3 write throughput if it had been inside a SATA three system, however we have to account for the construct we see right here.   This Crystal DiskMark outcomes lets us understand that we will examine and write information at 3X the pace that we saw with the outdated technology My Passport instant professional, and also that we've 1859GB of space for storing obtainable to us.

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