Specification of this BGA Assembly Capabilities Indistrial Control Board Embedded Board

Industrial control board is a main board used in industrial applications. It is used by industrial computers. It can adapt to a wide temperature environment according to demand, can adapt to harsh environments, and can work for a long time and high load.Embedded Board,BGA Assembly Capabilities,BGA Assembly Capabilities Indistrial Control,Indistrial Control Board,Capabilities Indistrial Control Board


According to the selected chip series: 386, 486, 586, PIII, P4, ATOM, and so on.

According to chip type: X86 architecture, MIPS architecture, ARM architecture, etc.

There are also some parts that are tailored to the needs of the customer.


Interface design: Due to the special use of the industrial control board, the design interface will be customized or stacked according to the use occasion to adapt to various interfaces.

Common interfaces include serial port, USB, LAN, LPT, etc. In order to adapt to the environment, they are generally designed with anti-surge and anti-static.

The expansion interface includes PC104 family, PCI-E family, PCI family, etc., with industrial motherboard, the backplane uses multiple extensions.

At the same time with a variety of display functions such as VGA, LVDS, HDMI, DVI interface.

Protection function: Through special design, the industrial control board can realize the high stability of the system in the harsh environment by ensuring the automatic restart of the watchdog.

Main applications: industrial equipment, GPS navigation, sewage online monitoring, air online monitoring, instrumentation, professional equipment controller, military, government agencies, telecommunications, banking, power, car LCD, monitor, video doorbell, portable DVD, LCD TV, environmental protection equipment, etc.

We began BGA placement on a project from 2005 in a client’s Industrial Control Embedded board. Now we’ve gained techniques and built experience with various types of BGA assembly tasks. Some of these included placing BGAs on both the top and bottom sides of the printed circuit board. Now We assemble BAG without any problems.

We offers turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs. We handle the whole process including: ordering all the components, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, testing and final shipment. We are capable of assembling BGA, Micro-BGA, QFN and other leadless package parts. We have ROHS, UL, ISO9001:2008 certificates for our service.

The one-stop destination of boards fabrication and assembly from OFAL will help you to make your R&D work easy and time-saving. Our professional engineers and technicians will work closely with you to ensure the best quality and quickest possible lead time. We focus on reducing your costs, speeding your products to market and helping you gain a competitive edge.

OFAL PCBA capabilities: SMT Assembly, BGA Assembly, Through-Hole Assembly, Mixed Assembly, Rigid Flex PCB Assembly Services.
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