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As the iPhone and iPad are popular all over the world, Info Transmission PCBA,manufacturer,supplier,Design,solution,price,and the multi-touch application is popular, the trend of predicting touch will become the next wave of growth drivers for the soft board. DisplaySearch expects that touch screen shipments for tablets will reach 260 million units in 2016, up 333% from 2011.
Industrial control PCBA,Vigorously develop high-density interconnect technology (HDI) - HDI focuses on the most advanced technology of contemporary PCB, which brings fine wire and micro-aperture to PCB. Component embedding technology with strong vitality ─ Component embedding technology is a huge change in PCB functional IC. PCB manufacturers need to invest more resources in systems including design, equipment, testing and simulation to maintain their vitality. PCB materials that meet international standards - high heat resistance, transmission sensor pcba,high glass transition temperature (Tg), small thermal expansion coefficient, and small dielectric constant.
With the global awareness of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction has become a top priority for the development of the country and enterprises.pcb design price, As a PCB company with high emission rate of pollutants, it should be an important responder and participant in energy saving and emission reduction work. Tg is the glass transition temperature, that is, the temperature at which the material changes from a glass state to a rubber state. The lower the Tg value, the faster the board starts to soften after entering the reflow oven, and becomes soft rubbery. The time will also be longer, and the amount of deformation of the board will of course be more serious. The use of higher Tg sheets increases their ability to withstand stress deformation, but the price of high Tg PCB sheets is higher.


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