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worker's at the Ogden Air Logistics advanced at Hill Air drive Base have put in the ultimate of 173 new wings on A-10 Thunderbolt II plane, finalizing a project that all started in 2011 with plane 80-0173. The ALC’s 571st aircraft protection Squadron swapped wings on 162 A-10s as part of the A-10 greater Wing meeting replacement software. The final eleven have been installed at Osan Air Base in the Republic of Korea. the new wings are expected to remaining for up to 10,000 equal flight hours and not using a depot inspection. moreover, a much better wire harness design turned into created for simpler wing removal and to lessen the possibility of damaging the wing all over the procedure.

“From a warfighter aspect of view, bringing this software to a successful conclusion was a major accomplishment for the whole commercial enterprise crew,” stated Stephen Zaiser, 571st AXMS director. engaged on an plane that has been flying for almost 40 years wasn’t with out challenges. The modifications included having to make new constituents for the fuselage and having to carry other A-10 constituents up from the 309th Aerospace renovation and Regeneration neighborhood at Davis-Monthan Air force Base, Arizona.

“on the conclusion of the software, making bound we had all the pieces and parts that we necessary to make that turn up required a very enormous group effort,” Zaiser spoke of. “I believe the incontrovertible fact that we produced the plane so efficiently is a testomony to the complete team, the particular application office, Boeing and others that were a part of making all of it work.”

Lt. Col. Ryan Richardson, 514th Flight check Squadron commander and A-10 examine pilot, flew the useful examine flight on the remaining A-10 to receive the new wings to deem the plane airworthy.

“It flew top notch and handed all the FCF tests,” Richardson referred to. “It’s bizarre to have an airplane in creation for as long as this one changed into and have it come out and fly as well as this one did.”

brought into the Air force aircraft inventory in 1976, the venerable A-10 is the best construction-built aircraft for close air guide. The aircraft became made to fly near the ground in guide of pleasant ground troops, drop heavy lots of weapons, assaults armored motors and tanks, and might be known as in to attack enemy ground forces. With heavy stresses placed on the wings over the weapon system’s lifetime and with its full-provider life nevertheless unknown, the Air force decided to change some of the fleet’s wings in order for the weapon system to remain airworthy. In 2007, Boeing was awarded a $ billion contract to construct replacement wings at its Macon, Georgia, plant in an effort to allow the plane to continue flying into the late 2030s.

“The A-10 special program workplace, in partnership with the Ogden ALC, is poised to retain the aircraft flying for the foreseeable future,” spoke of Michael Hackett, A-10 SPO chief engineer.


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